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Acne Diets – Bad Ones and Good Ones

Monday, November 19th, 2007

One of the oldest popular believes about acne is its link with diet. The role of diet in acne was a proven fact in old ages. However with modern advancements in scientific researches the accountability of diet has become controversial. There are certain dermatologists how totally liberate diet from this blame while most believe that diet does have a role at least in acne flare ups, if not in formation of new lesions. There are two aspects of diet in this regard;
1. Some bad foods that cause or exacerbate acne.
2. Some good foods that prevent or help to clear acne.
Acne Diets – Bad Ones :

As long as acne flare ups are concerned, the notorious of all foods are chocolates, soft drinks, potato chips, spicy foods, shell fish and so forth. As acne is predominantly a disease of teenagers, (although women in 20s or 30s may also be affected) the age when such foods are the favorites. While parents usually hate to see kids filling their stomachs with such junk foods mainly because these diets are glaringly deficient in several vital minerals and vitamins. Consequently it is the desire of parents for a dermatologist to declare such sugary and oily foods to be the main culprit. Beside junk foods there are some acne sufferers who found that spicy foods or beef are the ones that worsen their pimples. In contrast to above you may come across few researchers that claim milk to be the main cause in some people. Eggs are another infamous food for acne. Similarly there are many other believes regarding the link of food and acne. Above all there are different effects of same food on different people.

Quite opposite to the strong traditional belief that wrong diets cause or worsen acne; Scientists have not found any connection between specific foods and acne. The Journal of the American Medical Association recognized, “Diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients…even large amounts of certain foods have not clinically exacerbated acne.” There has been found no direct influence of food to the cause of acne. Still we will recommend unhealthy junk and spicy foods to be avoided at least during the course of treatment because they will drop off the intake of healthy foods that promote rapid healing.

Acne Diets – Good Ones :

Even though certain foods do not cause acne or aggravate existing acne lesions, a good healthy diet does have a role in clearing skin. A healthy food promotes an overall good health, and as skin is the reflection of one’s wellbeing, a good health will reflect a fresh glowing complexion with clear skin. There are certain Vitamins and minerals that are very essential for a healthy skin. The most important of all are ;
1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin E
3. Zinc
4. Vitamin B
5. Chromium

Calories Burned While Walking

Monday, November 19th, 2007

How many calories burned during walking is directly related to the body size and pace. The quicker the pace the faster the heart beat. Walking is probably just as good as running, though you will have to walk farther than you run. But, you’re saving your joints, the impact of walking is considerate less than running.

Beginning a fitness program including walking is dirt cheap. You just need a great pair of shoes, a comfortable companion and away you go. You should probably check with you doctor if you are not in the best shape or if you added a few years since your last workout.

Begin by taking slow, no need to bust out the gate. Think of yourself as the tortoise, you know the end goal and allow yourself time to get there. Start out at a normal walking pace for the first five minutes, this will allow for the muscles and joints to warm up properly. Once you have the blood flowing, I suggest quickening the pace for five minutes. Keep this schedule for a week, if it seems easy for you, go ahead and add five minutes. Please make sure you are cooling down properly, it does not matter what age you have attained, proper cool down and stretching are important.

Stay focused on proper form when walking: * Try and stay erect as possible, i.e. good posture. * Do not let your back arch. * Try not to lean, it places stress on the muscles in the back. * Stay focused on the path in front of you. No need to look down (unless a lace becomes untied). * Work your abs when you walk. Go ahead and contract them and let them relax, as long as it does not interfere with your breathing. Maintain your fluids, try and keep yourself hydrated. You can use a Camelback if carrying a bottle is uncomfortable. You can find Camelbacks at outdoor and cycling shops. They basically carry water in a comfortable style back pack. Keeping hydrated is essential. Most people do not realize they are dehydrated. A good indicator is found in your urine. If it’s dark, you are probably dehydrated, the cleared the better.

Remember you must warm up properly and cool down properly. Each walking workout needs to incorporate proper stretching. Do not stretch any muscle until it has had a chance to warm up and loosen. After your workout, please re stretch to avoid muscle tightness. It will help you with your calories burned while walking. Try these five tips to help keep you motivated when trying to burn calories while walking. 1. Find a comfortable partner and make sure you motivate each other. Workouts can become dull and routine. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to and lean on when feeling unmotivated. 2. Enter a race or a charity event like Making Strides for Breast Cancer; it will make all you efforts seem really worth while for calories burned while walking. 3. Keep a record of your walks and record how far and how fast you walked, this will help you maintain and up you fitness levels. Remember calories burned while walking will help you trim fat from your body and give your cardiovascular health a boost. Walking is great exercise, plus it’s a fun way to lose weight