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Organic Clothing and Its Relevance to Environmental Health

Friday, March 19th, 2010

It is really challenging to acquire organic clothing in the strictest sense. The cotton acquired from the furs of animals as well as the leather obtained are organic materials.

Additionally, you need to decide the type of clothing first and then make the selection of corresponding organic material. Keeping in view all of the activities, this is an uphill task.

Organic animal pelt or skin is difficult to obtain as we are not sure whether animals are fed with the organic grain or their skin has undergone specific treatment. When you are really serious about natural and organic skin, this test will cause confusion. However, it is a lot easier to get the organic cotton because in the cotton industry the demand for organic cotton is high.

There are professional designers who manufacture the organic clothing. In addition to the option of purchasing these clothes from designers, you can choose to sew it yourself. This will give leverage to make your own decisions without getting into the risk of using non organic substance.

The other side is the cost involved. Organic clothing is more expensive as the raw material is costly. Besides this, the organic clothing needs excessive care right from the start at the cotton farms. The availability of organic dye is another challenge.

In spite of all the short comings there are many benefits of organic cloths. The primary one is the non existence of harmful chemicals. An example is the substance known as formaldehyde. This is confirmed substance of damage. But it is very essential for the de-wrinkling of the cloths and it is being used for years. The product can create deformity for the unborn children.

The bonding qualities of formaldehyde is an excellent anti wrinkling substance for the cotton cloths. This property also helps to maintain the cotton cloth. For those who are sensitive to formaldehyde with allergic disorders, this is really a curse causing skin irritations and discomfort. There is some progress for making the cotton wrinkle free without formaldehyde however, no complete alternative for formaldehyde has been derived as yet. So the organic clothing is just suitable for the people who have sensitive skin and/or suffer from allergies.

The organic clothing needs care for proper cleaning as well. We have to be selective for the detergents and soaps. For organic clothing it is always advisable to use organic cleaning agents only. The cotton fabrics have the tendency to hold the harmful chemicals for long.

Dental Hygiene Program

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Dental hygiene plays a vital role in keeping the vitality of your teeth and the surrounding tissues. The most prevalent of these diseases are dental decay and periodontal disease. Dental decay or dental caries is probably the most common human disorder. Dental caries and periodontal disease can be prevented by a successful dental hygiene program. A good dental hygiene program should include the following:

Proper eating habits and good diet. Dental decay is caused by the breakdown of sugar into acid by bacteria that are naturally present in the human oral environment. These bacteria feed on starches and sugars. Acid is formed when bacteria act on starch or sugar. The acid formed causes enamel degradation, which is the starting point of any dental caries. Artificially sweetened foods, drinks and chewing gum are better options

Proper regular tooth brushing techniques. It is advised to brush the teeth two or three times a day, it is always better to brush after every meal and after taking any food in between. Using dental floss to remove food particles trapped in between the teeth is also a very important part of a good dental hygiene program. Dental floss can remove food particles lodged in between the teeth that sometimes even a good tooth brushing technique cannot accomplish.

A regular visit to the dentist is necessary in order to maintain and preserve your oral health. A visit to the dentist after every six months is recommended. Your dentist will have all the knowledge on how you can maintain good oral hygiene. Always take care of your teeth and maintain that beautiful smile till you grow old.

Adequate knowledge about the importance of oral hygiene and how to keep the oral cavity clean and healthy through proper brushing and flossing techniques is necessary in order to maintain a good and healthy oral environment. If you want to learn more about Dental Hygiene, browse Oral-B’s vast Dental Health Article library for tips on brushing, flossing, and maintaining good dental hygiene at